Math 300Z


Daniel Kaplan


April 2, 2023

Take-aways from the most recent class
Date Class day Topic Activity Soln Take away Classroom video
Mar 3 Lesson 19 Notes:Reading Variation & variance Measuring by eye Soln Blog-19 video
Mar 7 Lesson 20 Notes:Reading DAGs & simulation Life savers? Soln Blog-20 video
Mar 9 Lesson 21 Notes:Reading Signal & noise Membrane channels Handout Soln Blog-21 video
Mar 13 Lesson 22 Notes:Reading Sampling variation Counts and rates Soln Blog-22 video
Mar 15 Lesson 23 Notes:Reading Confidence intervals Got you covered! Soln Blog-23 video
Mar 17 Lesson 24 Notes:Reading Effect size With respect to … Soln Blog-24 video
Mar 21 Lesson 25 Notes:Reading Prediction mechanics TBA Soln Blog-25 video
Mar 23 Lesson 26 Notes:Reading Prediction intervals Intervals by eye & Handout Soln Blog-26 video
SPRING BREAK Keep in mind that Problem Set 5 will be due April 6.
Apr 3 Lesson 28 Notes:Reading Covariates Covariates change coefficients Soln Blog-28 video
Apr 5 Lesson 29 Notes:Reading Covariates eat variance Adjustment for covariates Adjusting activity Soln Blog-29 video
APRIL 6: Problem Set 5 due. See Z-section Problem Set 5 on
Apr 7 Lesson 30 Notes:Reading Confounding Simple causal paths Soln Blog-30 video
Apr 11 Lesson 31 Notes:Reading Spurious correlation spurious correlations Soln Blog-31 video
Apr 13 Lesson 32 Notes:Reading Experiment & random assignment link Soln Blog-32 video
Apr 17 Lesson 33 Notes:Reading Measuring and accumulating risk Accumulating risk Soln Blog-33 video
Apr 24 Lesson 34 Notes:Reading Constructing a classifier Congestive heart disease risk Soln Blog-34 video
Apr 27 Lesson 35 Notes:Reading Accounting for prevalence Setting a threshold Soln Blog-35 video
May 1 Lesson 36 Notes:Reading Hypothesis testing Back from extinction? Soln Blog-36 video
May 3 Lesson 37 Notes:Reading Calculating a p-value Confidence levels Soln Blog-37 video
May 5 Lesson 38 Notes:Reading False discovery with hypothesis testing TBA Soln Blog-38 video
MAY 6 PS6 due
May 9 Lesson 39 Notes:Reading REVIEW of lessons 28-38 TBA Soln Blog-39 video
May 11 Lesson 40 Notes:Reading Review of entire course N/A Soln Blog-40 video

Math 300Z is the prototype for scheduled revisions to Math 300. The revisions apply only to Lessons 19 and up; the first 18 lessons come from Math 300.