Stat teaching remodeled for data science

Multiple vars, one method, no login

A presentation at the ASA/AMATYC Virtual Workshop June 29-30. With one eye to the needs of next semester, meet the StatPREP Little Apps which use real, rich, multivariate data while fitting easily into an existing curriculum regardless of course text. And with the other eye on the "big picture," learn how inference can be done with two formulas and the magic number 2².

Statistical inference: Is there a discernible pattern?

The method of regression is always capable of finding a pattern in a given data set. But is the pattern it finds genuinely discernible or is it an illusion of accidental alignment? [The image is astronomer Percival Lowell's drawing of the canals of Mars, as he observed in the 1890s using telescopes he financed before the advent of astronomical photography.]

A First-day Challenge

Randall Pruim at Calvin College (Michigan) has a compelling first-day challenge for students: to uncover and understand a surprising pattern in day-by-day births. In this post, we'll re-use Randy's challenge to organize a first-day class on the question "What is statistics?"

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Stat teaching remodeled for data science