Before coming to USCOTS …

Pre-workshop assignments

Assignment 1: To some extent, rethinking intro stats means making room for new material. A typical (semester) class is about 40 class hours. Your task is to identify credit 15 hours from your current (alternatively, a standard) intro stats course that can be wiped clean. Mark each credit hour topic as either (a) can be dropped altogether or (b) can be streamlined and integrated with another credit hour topic that you would keep.

Please enter your list and narrative as a section of this Google Doc. Make a header with your name and enter your contribution under that header.

Assignment 2: Having cleared 15 (or more!) credit hours, identify alternative topics you would like to see broadly included in intro stats courses. Give a rough estimate of how many credit hours would be needed to fairly cover each topic.

Please enter your list in this Google Doc.