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Grade data from students at a liberal arts college. IDs of students, professors, and departments have been dis-identified.






Three data frames

  • Sessions: ID for a class session, that is, a course in a semester

    • sessionID: Unique identifier for the session

    • iid: Unique identifier for the instructor

    • enroll: Total enrollment in the session (note: includes students who didn't make it into the sample in Grades)

    • dept: Unique identifier for the department

    • level: Instruction evel of the course 100, 200, 300, 400. Roughly: first-year, sophomore, junior, senior

    • sem: The semester in which the session was held.

  • Grades: A 50% random sample of student-by-student grades in those Sessions

    • sid: Unique identifier or the student.

    • grade: Letter grade: A, A-, B+ and so on,

    • sessionID: The course session for the grade, as in the Sessions data frame

  • Gradepoint: Letter to numerical conversion (per college policy)

    • grade: Letter grade: A, A-, and so on

    • gradepoint: Numerical equivalent

An object of class data.frame with 6124 rows and 3 columns.

An object of class grouped_df (inherits from tbl_df, tbl, data.frame) with 14 rows and 2 columns.


Used with permission by the college's registrar.