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These are relatively small data frames used for exercises







Clock_auction: Prices for grandfather clocks sold in auction

  • Sales price for the clock

  • Age of the clock

  • Number of bidders for the clock

Geography_journals: Prices for geography journals, c. 2005

  • journal name of journal

  • cost for a one-year subscription

  • jif journal impact factor

  • cites number of citations of the journal in the past five years

  • rpi relative price index

PGA_index: Driving distance, accuracy, and a derived index from the PGA tour

  • player name of the player

  • dist driving distance in yards

  • accuracy percent of drives that land in the fairway

  • index an index score for ranking players.

Dowsing: Locations identified by dowsers in an experiment

  • trial just the row number

  • subject identifying number assigned to the subject

  • pipe location of the flowing-water pipe along a 10-meter line (decimeters)

  • guess the dowser's guess of the location of the pipe in that trial (decimeters)