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Fuel economy measurements on US car models




A data.frame object with one row year for each model or configuration of automobile or light truck sold in the US.

  • manufacturer: name of company making the vehicle

  • division: name of the company division making the vehicle

  • model: vehicle model name

  • fuel_year: fuel consumed in 10,000 miles (roughly 1 year.)

  • CO2_year: Carbon dioxide produced per year, in kilograms. 10,000 miles of driving is taken to represent a year. Note, Carbon-per-year (without the oxygen) is roughly one-quarter the mass of CO2-per-year.

  • hybrid: whether the car is a hybrid

  • class: the type of vehicle, e.g. midsize, compact, large, SUV

  • vol_passenger: volume for passengers (cubic feet)

  • vol_luggage: volume for luggage (cubic feet)

  • doors: number of passenger doors

  • mpg_city: Estimated fuel consumption in city driving (miles per gallon)

  • mpg_hwy: like mpg_city but for highway driving

  • mpg_comb: like mpg_city but for a standard combination of city and highway driving

  • EPA_fuel_cost: Annual fuel cost using a standard price for gas and a standard miles per year of driving.

  • valves_exhaust: how many exhaust valves per cylinder

  • valves_intake: how many air intake valves per cylinder

  • CO2city: estimate of carbon-dioxide (grams/mile) production per mile in city driving.

  • CO2hwy: like CO2city but for highway driving

  • CO2combined: like CO2city but for a standard mixture of city and highway driving

  • hatchback: is there a hatchback rear door

  • start_stop: does the vehicle have a system to stop the engine when idling

  • cyl_deact: are cylinders in the engine deactivated when power demand warrants

  • fuel: the kind of fuel used.

    • G = regular unleaded gasoline,

    • GM = mid-grade recommended,

    • GP = premium unleaded recommended,

    • GPR = premium unleaded required,

    • DU = diesel (ultra low sulfur)

  • drive: type of drive, e.g. front-wheel, 4-wheel, ...

  • regen: wheels with regenerative breaking (for hybrids)

  • n_gears: number of transmission gears

  • n_cyl: number of engine cylinders

  • displacement: engine displacement (liters)

  • transmission: transmission type

    • A = automatic,

    • M = manual,

    • AM = automated manual,

    • AM = automated manual (paddles),

    • CVT = continuously variable,

    • SCV = continuously variable with selection paddles,

    • SA = semi-automatic

  • lockup_torque_converter:

  • air_aspiration:

  • model_year:


Data from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) available at The file for 2019 model-year vehicles is