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Intensive care unit nurse Kristen Gilbert worked for several years in the 1990s at a Veterans Administration Hospital. Her co-workers became suspicious. The co-workers observed that unexpected patient deaths occurred more frequently on her shifts than on other shifts. They also noticed a shortage of supplies of the cardiac stimulant epinephrine, which can be fatal when administered in large enough doses through an IV drip. The hospital investigators went through all the shifts during the years Gilbert worked at the hospital, noting whether Gilbert was on duty during that shift and whether there was a death during the shift.




A data frame with one row for each shift at the VA hospital.

  • death Whether a patient death occurred during the shift.

  • gilbert Whether nurse Kristen Gilbert was on duty during the shift.

  • time: the winning time in seconds

  • race the name of the race. Many races are repeated over successive years.

  • year the year the race was run

  • name the name of the winning runner

  • sex: the runner's sex, coded as F and M

  • distance: the total distance of the race in km

  • climb: the total vertical climb of the race in meters


Only tabular summaries of the shift/death information are public. This data frame was reconstructed from those summaries.