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These are the actual grades for 400+ individual students in the courses they took at a small, liberal-arts college in the midwest US. All the students graduated in 2006. Each row corresponds to a single student in a single course. The data have been de-identified by translating the student ID, the instructor ID, and the name of the department. Typically a graduating student has taken about 32 courses. As another form of de-identification, only half of the courses each student, selected randomly, are included. Only courses with 10 or more students enrolled were included.




A data frame with 6146 Grades for 443 students.

-grade The letter grade for the student in this course: A is the highest.
- sessionID An identifier for the course taken. Courses
offered multiple times in one semester or across semesters have individual IDs.
-sid The student ID
-dept The department in which the course was offered. 100 is entry-level,
200 sophomore-level, 300 junior-level, 400 senior-level.
-enroll Student enrollment in the course. This includes students who are not
part of this sample.
-iid Instructor ID
-gradepoint A translation of the letter grade into a numerical scale. 4 is high.
Some letter grades are not counted in a student's gradepoint average. These have \code{NA} for
the gradepoint.


The data were helpfully provided by the registrar of the college with the proviso that the de-identification steps outlined above be performed.