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Percentage of body fat, age, weight, height, body mass index and fourteen circumference measurements are given for 184 college women ages 18-25. Body fat was accurately determined by an underwater weighing technique which requires special equipment and training of the individuals conducting the process. Circumference measurements were made to the nearest 0.1 cm using a cloth tape in complete contact with the skin but without compression of the soft tissues. The measurement process, described somewhat incompletely below, is described in greater detail in Slack (1997) who used the standards recommended by Lohman, Roche and Martrell (1988).




A data.frame with one row for each of 184 woman

  • Weight (kg)

  • Height (m)

  • BMI: (Body Mass Index) Weight divided by the square of Height

  • Age

  • Neck: Minimal circumference perpendicular to the long axis of the neck (cm)

  • Chest: Horizontal plane measurement at the sixth rib, at the end of a normal expiration (cm)

  • Calf: Horizontal maximal calf measurement (cm)

  • Biceps: Measurement with arm extended (cm)

  • Hips: Horizontal maximal measurement around buttocks (cm)

  • Waist: Horizontal minimal measurement, at the end of a normal expiration (cm)

  • Forearm: Maximal measurement perpendicular to long axis (cm)

  • PThigh: (Proximal Thigh) Horizontal measurement immediately distal to the gluteal furrow (cm)

  • MThigh: (Middle Thigh) Measurement midway between the midpoint of the inguinal crease and the proximal border of the patella (cm)

  • DThigh: (Distal Thigh) Measurement proximal to the femoral epicondyles (cm)

  • Wrist: Measurement perpendicular to the long axis of the forearm (cm)

  • Knee: Measurement at the mid-patellar level, with the knee slightly flexed (cm)

  • Elbow: A minimal circumference measurement with the elbow extended (cm)

  • Ankle: Minimal circumference measurement perpendicular to the long axis of the calf (cm)

  • BFat: Amount of body fat expressed as a percentage of total body weight, using Siri's (1956) method


Roger W. Johnson (2021) "Fitting Percentage of Body Fat to Simple Body Measurements: College Women" Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education 29(3) doi:10.1080/26939169.2021.1971585