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These data were published in the American Association of University Professsor's journal, Academe. There were compiled by Marcia Bellas drawing on data from the 1984 Carnegie survey of faculty, the US National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, and the US Census Bureau. The motivation for the work was to investigate salary "disparities among faculty whose education and experience are comparable and whose duties are broadly similar," in particular those due to sex. Regretably, the data do not include measures of the production of workers in the various fields or the numbers of people employed in each field.




28 rows, each of which is a professional discipline:

  • subject name of the discipline

  • ac: average salary (USD) for academics

  • nonacsal median salary (USD) for non-academics

  • fem: fraction of the workforce that is female

  • unemp: unemployment rate in the discipline

  • nonac: fraction of the workforce that is non-academic,

  • licenced: Does work in the profession require a license (from George Cobb's paper)


George Cobb (2011) "Teaching statistics: some important tensions" Chilean Journal of Statistics 2(1):31-62 link


M Bellas & BF Reskin (1994) "On comparable worth" Academe 80:83-85