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Basics of Data Science

in R and RStudio

A two-day workshop held in conjunction with the [USCOTS 2015] meeting. Supported in part by a grant to Project MOSAIC from the National Science Foundation (NSF DUE-0920350) and from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

May 27-28, 2015 at Pennsylvania State University

Some Resources

  1. Outline of the workshop
  2. RStudio cloud server: http://macalester.edu/rstudio
    • See the welcome letter for your account ID
    • The password is your account ID
    • The account expires on Sunday 31 May --- the end of USCOTS
  3. The first several chapters of the Data Computing book as a PDF. You will need a password to open it. At the publisher's insistence, please do not copy or distribute the PDF or the password.
  4. The pre-workshop skill survey

Contact Information

Workshop leaders:

  • Nicholas Horton
  • Danny Kaplan


To be posted as we get permission from the participants to do so. If you want to provide web links, etc., please do so.